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Hi, I'm Sky Gilbar, and this is where I share things I've come across that catch my eye, fire up my imagination, or touch my heart.

I'm a photographer and designer in Santa Barbara, CA, and I am available to work with you on visual or interactive projects.
  1. Sustainably designed rural library in Thailand. I love this. In another life, I’d be a builder.


    This beautiful unassuming two-story library building in Thailand was built with natural lava stone from the site, concrete, wood, and bamboo. The project was a cooperative between Rintala Eggertsson Architects and students from NTNU Trondheim University for the children of Ban Tha Song Yang villiage’s Safe Haven Orphanage.

    The task was to use local materials and building technics to create a building that would solve the problems of education in the orphanage the best possible way. At the same time, natural ventilation systems and sunshades were studied and introduced into the building.

    (via Young and Brilliant)

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